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You may be an IT firm who develops hundreds of applications every month or may be a large organization who need a lot of effort to meet the IT needs. Outsourcing can be the most efficient solution for you.

For the IT organizations who is having trouble to manage so may projects by own, Creash can provide you high end application development with minimal cost. We always follow highest standard for coding and use the latest technology and APIs. Besides that we also consider the compatibility issue of your application. We understand that it might be a real pain sometimes to make your amazing website work properly on all the browsers!

If majority of your work is .Net or PHP based, or need to be developed in some CMS, then Creash can be the best outsourcing partner you can get. You just have to collect the requirement from your client and give it to us. From that point on, we take the complete responsibility to plan, develop and manage the application. More over you can have the full copyright for the development!

And if you are an organization who need IT support and is not interested to invest in the infrastructure right now, just post a message to us. We can provide solution to all your services required:
•We can develop completely customized application for your organizational management
•We will communicate with ISP and any other service providers and manage the deals
•We will be standby always for any kind of sudden issue come up and will solve efficiently
Outsourcing your IT department to us will save your extra money for infrastructure and management of IT people in-house.