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  • Extensions Styling
  • Powerful Framework
  • Advanced Menus
Inventory System
  • Purchase Section.
  • Sales Section.
  • Inventory Section.
  • Reporting Section.

HRM System
  • Attendance Section.
  • Leave Section.
  • Salary Section.
  • Reporting Section.

  • Admission Section
  • Result Section
  • Accounting Section
  • Reporting Section

Garments Automation
  • Attendance Section.
  • Salary Section.
  • Inventory Section.



Software Development Solutions:

We can develop any customized software for Windows and Linux platform. Also have experience to develop in Java ME for mobile application development.

For windows based development, we prefer to use .Net 3+ and use C# as the programming language. We are experienced in both WPF and Form application development.

If you need to develop platform independent application, we prefer to use Java. Java SE is a strong development platform and can be ported to Linux easily.